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  1. Native was founded in San Francisco, California, and all of our products are crafted together in the USA.
  2. Jun 12,  · morbid is used to describe something that is abnormal and unpleasant in almost a cruel manner so morbid question can be the same as a disturbing question |A morbid question is a question that is disturbing and/or unpleasant. For example, “Have you ever wanted to kill someone?” |It's a question about death in a situation where it seems inappropriate. For example: A: Hey, did you see .
  3. with schizophrenia also have a co-morbid substance abuse problem, usually alcoholism, at some point in the course of their schizophrenia (Westermeyer, ). Thus, screening for alcoholism and other substance abuse is a reasonable activity when evaluating or reevaluating a patient American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research.
  4. Jun 30,  · † Other non-Hispanic included two persons who reported being American Indian/Alaska Native, 25 Asian, three Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, and 18 Other; five reported both Asian and Other for race. Other race group combined because of comparatively low numbers in these groups compared with other race/ethnicity groups.
  5. Morbidity is any physical or psychological state considered to be outside the realm of normal well-being. The term morbidity is often used to describe illness, impairment, or degradation of health, especially when discussing chronic and age-related diseases which can worsen over time. The higher your morbidity, the shorter your lifespan may be that if you were healthy.
  6. Fort Robinson (Crawford, Nebraska). Fort Robinson is another of the many sad, sickening places in the Plains where Native Americans were fucked over royally. Here’s a nice description of the fort from Liz, who recommended it: “You may be interested in a mildly morbid place called Fort Robinson, which is 30 minutes west of my home trivsanjuletmauflatroatwisnasurgosan.xyzinfo is the place where Dull Knife and his people.
  7. morbid (adj.) s, "of the nature of a disease, indicative of a disease," from Latin morbidus "diseased," from morbus "sickness, disease, ailment, illness," according to de Vaan perhaps connected to the root of mori "to die," as "looking like death" (from PIE root *mer-"to rub away, harm," also "to die" and forming words referring to death and to beings subject to death), or from a non-IE word.
  8. Antibiogram and genetic diversity of Salmonella enterica with zoonotic potential isolated from morbid native chickens and pigeons in Egypt. Abdeen E(1), Elmonir W(2), Suelam IIA(3), Mousa WS(4). Author information: (1)Bacteriology, Mycology and Immunology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sadat City University, Sadat, Egypt.

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