[Untitled] - John Cage - The Works For Violin 5 (CD)

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  1. First in a complete series of the Number Pieces (final works) for strings and/or percussion, this minute CD features the world premiere recording of John Cage's One6 and is first to encompass the final works for violin. Review. Cage was an anarchist interested in the spiritualism of Zen Buddhism, and the hierarchies and conflicts of Western /5(2).
  2. John Cage - Works for Piano and Prepared Piano - trivsanjuletmauflatroatwisnasurgosan.xyzinfo () Joshua Pierce, piano; Dorothy Jonas, piano ; Frank Almond, violin. WERGO: The Perilous Night John Cage - Works for Prepared Piano: Markus Hinterhäuser, prepared piano. Col Legno: The Perilous Night John Cage Complete Music for Prepared Piano: Giancarlo Simonacci.
  3. The Complete John Cage Edition - Vol. The Works for Violin 5 Irvine Arditti, violin Chorals () (total ) Download the MP3 sample (KB) One 6 () (total ) Download the MP3 sample (MB) Download another MP3 sample (MB) Irvine Arditti continues his acclaimed traversal of the complete music for violin by John Cage.
  4. Choral Works I by John Cage, except last three tracks (I tried to rip them but the cd was too scratched). Performed by Ars Nova. 01 Four(2) - Version 1 02 Livingroom Music I to begin 03 Livingroom Music II story 04 Livingroom music III Melody 05 Livingroom Music IV End 06 ear for EAR (Antiphonies) 07 Four(2) - Version 2 08 - 09 - 10 -.
  5. Catalogue at the John Cage Compendium, compiled by Paul van Emmerik, alphabetical; John Cage Chronological Catalog of Music compiled by Larry Solomon, includes an alphabetic list as well; details on individual compositions (some minor errors and omissions) Unrecorded John Cage Works with details on events and a list of lost works.
  6. John Cage: The Complete String Quartets, Vol.1 (mode 17) and Vol. 2 (mode 27) The Works for Violin 6, The String Quartets 4 (mode /) Chaya Czernowin: String Quartet (mode 77) Peter Maxwell Davies: String Quartet (mode 59) Gerard Pape: Vortex (mode 26); String Quartet #2 (mode 67) Hilda Paredes: The Seventh Seed (mode 60) Irvine Arditti.
  7. Cage Edition Volume 27 - The Works for Violin 5. Mode: mode Buy CD or download online. Irvine Arditti (violin).
  8. John Cage. Give a Little, Get a Lot; John Cage Personal Library; 4′33″ App; Sonatas and Interludes ; Prepared Piano App; Autobiographical Statement; About the John Cage Trust; Indeterminacy; Folksonomy; Kuhn's Blog; Database of Works; Calendar of .

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